Aircraft Brakes

Aermeccanica capability covers a wide range of brake types such as:

  • Steel Brakes
  • Carbon Brakes Hydraulically Actuated
  • Carbon Brakes Electrically Actuated

We perform a full maintenance activity that includes heat pack change and overhaul.

Regarding heat pack change on steel brakes, we carry out the complete restoration of the heat pack by powerful and new tooling for rotor disk grinding and lining replacement on stator disk. On carbon brakes, we perform heat pack exchange in direct connection with the OEMs.

To perform maintenance on brakes, several manufacturers support our activity:

  • Safran Landing Systems
  • Messier Goodrich
  • Honeywell Wheels and Brakes
  • Meggitt Wheels and Brakes
  • Goodrich Wheels and Brakes
  • Parker Hannifin

Since May 2018, Aermeccanica has had full capability to perform maintenance service on Safran Landing System wheels and electrical brakes for both B787-800 and B787-900 aircraft.